The COST Arkwork project

Title [tdivider style=”fa-chevron-down” color=”#222222″] The goal of the ARKWORK action is to form a transdisciplinary research network on Archaeological practices and knowledge work in the digital environment. And as all our work is based in research we are more then happy to be part of this four-year project. The network creates Read more…

heijar software

Maps and layers and more!

Maps and layers and more   One goal of Inari is to visualize your data conveniently. This is great at the excavation as you get a good overview where new artefacts or contexts are found and it is great for publication. This is the first step towards great features that Read more…

inari software

Qr-codes and Archaeology

What’s a QR-Code?   A QR is a readable label that can be scanned by a machine and then connected to information concerning the object or area it is attached to. Therefore it is an efficient way to store your digital data connected with an item and have easy access Read more…