Our team

Our goal is to make the work of archaeologists easier!

inari software

Suvi Debenjak

CEO & Co-founder

Her expertise in archaeology and user experience are the foundation of the Inari AIS

Michael Debenjak

CIO & Co-founder

Lover of innovation and new technologies. After several years working in the sector, he has decided to create his own Software.

Manuel Reimann

Sales Manager

Archaeologist and expert in direct sales. His experience in the sector inspires confidence in our clients.

Karin Brauneis

Advisory board member

pol cervera

Pol Cervera


Inbound marketing expert. After several years working in different companies in Barcelona, he decided to focus on the strategic framework of the company.

Stefan Krausler

advisory board member

Stefan Zedlacher

Advisory board member

Our sales partners

Gabriele Reinstandler

Sales partner

With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, it is a fundamental pillar to expand to find market opportunities and help our customers.