What is Inari AIS

The Inari Archaeological Information System is a complete, online platform for the documentation, analysis and publication of archaeological data. Configure it for your needs, link all your data, and do everything in between. Concentrate on archaeology with Inari AIS, a scalable and secure software-as-a-service on our dedicated servers or on your own!

Inspiring stories

Here you can read two stories from our clients about the use of the software.

inari software

The company ARGIS Archeology Service GmbH is a contract archaeology company. This means that the field of activity lies in the area of “applied archeology” or field archeology. According to the laws of the market, ARGIS aims to meet the demand for archaeological services. The range of services ranges from prospecting to excavations, various reports (especially for EIA procedures), documentation, excavation analyzes and archaeological final reports. Some of the results are self-published. The motto of ARGIS “For us is not a task too big or too small” shows the comprehensive competence of the employees of this company, which perform in all fields of archeology best performance. ARGIS is preferred for demanding projects. However, the employees of the company also want to live up to this trust in their day-to-day business. That’s why they claim to work carefully and accurately at all times.

How did the collaboration between ARGIS and Inari Software begin?

Long before the founding of Inari Software, there was personal contact and joint projects between Gerald Fuchs, CEO of ARGIS, and Nadja Suvi Tuulia Debenjak, now CEO of Inari Software. For this reason, it was no coincidence that Gerald Fuchs was mentoring the founding team of Inari as part of product development. He followed the development of the Inari AIS with great interest and provided valuable input and feedback.

Two state-of-the-art companies

ARGIS and Inari Software have a great deal in common: both are state-of-the-art in terms of methodology and technical implementation. The existing and tested archaeological information systems were simply unsuitable for the requirements of ARGIS. Time was overripe for a new, modern and reliable system. For this reason, it was a great concern of Gerald Fuchs to apply the product he mentored as a mentor in practice.

What are the requirements and ideas of ARGIS for such software?

An archaeological information system used by ARGIS must cover clear and well-defined claims. Handling for the end user must be easy. The software must be user-friendly, flexible and absolutely reliable under all conditions encountered in practice. Specifically, this means that such a system must be suitable for construction sites. It must also allow for precise work under time pressure and be equally effective day and night. In buildings, underground, in places with and without Internet access, anywhere such software must deliver consistent performance. Last but not least, the equipment used must be protected against dust, splash water and frost, or work properly under these conditions. In short, such software should optimally support day-to-day business and in no case lead to additional burdens on employees. These ideas were optimally implemented by Inari Software with the Inari AIS, making the software for ARGIS an indispensable part of the excavation equipment.

Faster, more precise and safer work

The Inari AIS greatly simplifies data acquisition, data processing, evaluation and interpretation. All data is now stored in one system, linked together and can be output in different formats as needed. Various backup systems lead to maximum data security, which also ensures data protection. In addition, the software is fully compatible with the so-called “Guidelines for Archaeological Measures” of the Austrian Federal Monuments Office. This means that the creation of excavation documentation required by the Federal Monuments Office is now much faster than in former times, because it is simply exported from the system.

A collaboration at eye level

The previous cooperation was perfect in all respects. It all began with product development, through the test phase right through to the regular use of the software. The team at ARGIS is particularly enthusiastic about the great personal commitment of all employees of Inari Software GmbH. The customer care relies heavily on the personal component. Together with the expertise of Inari Software employees, this is the basis for a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Dr. Gerald Fuchs, ARGIS

The City Archeology Vienna explores the past of the Austrian capital according to the scheme of excavation, refurbishment, publication and public relations. The archaeological excavation (in Vienna these are mainly rescue excavations on building sites) forms the basis for the subsequent scientific work-up.

On the basis of the Austrian Law on Historic Preservation, the City Archeology Vienna carries out its core competence of earth monument preservation and excavations. Particularly important is the cooperation with the higher authority, the Federal Monuments Office.

A new database becomes necessary

The complex work of Stadtarchäologie Wien, which often takes place under extreme time pressure, requires high-quality, reliable equipment. After 10 years, our veteran, in-house data base system for the initial registration and registration of finds and findings in our excavations gradually reached its limits: The software was no longer up-to-date, and could no longer meet the current requirements. Time to start looking for a new, powerful system.

Partner for a reboot

Inari Software got to know us at the 2013 annual conference CHNT – Cultural Heritage and New Technologies (www.chnt.at) of the City Archeology Vienna. The young start-up company presented the beta version of the new AIS software (Archaeological Information System). The Inari team was able to convince us with his ideas and visions. From 2014 we started a profitable cooperation with Inari Software as a partner.

Increase of work efficiency

Being able to dig on a mobile tablet saves a lot of time by not having to double-enter the data in the office. The idea of ​​optimizing the flow of information through close cooperation with the Federal Monuments Office is definitely an innovative approach. As a beta tester, we were also able to influence functionalities and design.

Problems are solved with great knowhow

Emerging problems are solved by the team with great personal commitment. A fast online feedback system, easy telephone availability and, above all, personal commitment to correcting the errors lead to a good and fast solution in the vast majority of cases:

The introduction of an automatically generated Harris matrix proved to be more complex than expected. The Inari team found a simple and convincing solution: Exporting to an already mature matrix software now leads to a good result.

outlook into the future

A planned even closer connection with the excavation guidelines of the Austrian Federal Monuments Office will be very useful for the City Archeology Vienna. Improvements in usability for easier and more consistent handling and upgrading of functionalities are next on the agenda. Thus, the best conditions for a further successful cooperation between the City Archeology Vienna and the company Inari Software are given.

Susanne Uhlirz, City Archeology Vienna


Discover the modern documentation method for the archaeology

More time for the essencials

 The requirements for documentation are growing. How do you write them all when there is fieldwork to be done? With the Inari AIS you can create lists or field diaries with a click and export the documents required by your government effortlessly.

Easy and safe documentation

With our Archaeological Information System (AIS) documentation gets much easier. You can enter all information about contexts, features finds and more directly into the system. The files and the information are then linked so you find everything you need when you need it.

Access anytime anywhere

Inari AIS is designed as a secure system with controlled access. Administration tools in Inari AIS include everything you need to control and manage people and content. You can assign custom roles , as well as manage subscriptions in the organization menu.

Scientific tool for analysis

Using our advanced search engine you can search, filter and sort the data to gather meaningful information. With Inari AIS you can visualize large amounts of data and convey information in a powerful way.

integrated GIS-funcions

Take advantage of all your data has to offer. Inari AIS lets you analyze data from more angles, including location, to make interpretation easier. Sometimes there is no better way to see the essential point then on a map. View your data and key information with compelling 2D maps and 3D scenes.

Import, export and share

Import Shapefiles, maps and more or export the data as a csv-file. Sharing your information has never been easier and we are happy to provide you with any interface to a software you might need.