The COST Arkwork project

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The goal of the ARKWORK action is to form a transdisciplinary research network on Archaeological practices and knowledge work in the digital environment. And as all our work is based in research we are more then happy to be part of this four-year project.

The network creates state-of-the-art knowledge on digital archaeology practices in different ways

By providing training for early career investigators through short term scientific missions and events

Researchers; and other researchers working in the field including other COST Actions and potential
graduate students;

Supporting the emergence of a
better understanding of how
archaeological and related types
of knowledge emerges in a
broad range of relevant
stakeholder communities by
training young researchers who
will take this understanding with
them throughout their careers.

By organizing events from webinars and summer schools to exploratory workshops

By publishing research findings

stakeholders involved in making, regulating, preserving, managing and using archaeological knowledge including field archaeologists, museum professionals, heritage administrators, researchers, policymakers, cultural industry, community groups and the general public.


The network brings you state-of-the-art knowledge on digital archaeological practices by providing training for early career investigators, organizing events, and publishing research findings for

As nations and the EU are making considerable investments in technologies, infrastructures and standards for all aspects of working with archaeological knowledge, critical understanding of how this knowledge is produced and used is necessary to understand both scientific and social impact .



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